Claim Your Place in Cyberspace

If you're here on this website, you are probably interested in online business success. In fact, you are probably the business owner and you care about your business thriving in today's economy.

Most people we work with are experienced business people. They are experts in their field with lots of business experience.

They have found it's necessary to know how to market their  products and services more effectively online.

Some business owners want to learn and actually participate themselves in the marketing process. A larger percentage of business owners and leaders want to understand and have enough knowledge to  what has to be done, but they value their time to highly to do it themselves.

These business leaders get clear about their business marketing and public relations needs and share this clarity about their online marketing goals and expectations when they are hiring someone else to take care of them. These business leaders know the metrics they want to move and the results they need.

Many business owners are scared of online marketing even though they know it's the way more business is done today. They are afraid because they don't understand the online marketing channels, they don't know what to do, and they don't know where to start.

My clients want a bigger share of the online economic pie. They want more success and don't have time to waste.

They have had to transform their ways of doing business in the traditional world to figuring out their own best practices for success in a  digitally connected economy where so much business is done online and on mobile devices.

Your online address is your website address or URL. Many business owners start by selecting the name of their business and registering it legally and then going online to determine if they can secure their name on social media platforms.

Businesses will be participating in one or more social media platforms and each of them requires registration with a user name and log-in. The importance of securing a user name for your online social media accounts that is the same across multiple platforms should not be ignored, unless you don't want people to find you or you don't want them to remember how to find you again.

Give some thought and consideration into claiming your place in cyberspace. Take the opportunity, at the beginning to do your homework and research. Select a name for your social media accounts that fits your business and your purpose. Make it clear and memorable.

If you wait to select your business name  based on this homework and some research, you might select a name that is more suitable and easier to market online.

When you claim your place in cyberspace think of the concept of an envelope, the letter head, and the business card. People design them to match for a reason.

Don't you want people to see your logo and tagline and automatically know it's you and your business without any confusion.

If you can make the name of your social media accounts match, that's like having the matching stationary that people will remember much more easily when they see it.

One of the most popular programs we teach is "Claim Your Place in Cyberspace."  We help entrepreneurs build a solid foundation for their business and online presence.